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by Moxham Robinson


Graphic Designer & Video Producer
Est. 2001

A little
about me.

My name is Mox. I'm a multimedia designer, which includes graphic design, film & photography.

I study Communication and Multimedia Design at Maastricht Institute of Arts. We work on projects alone or in teams with real clients.

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What I do

Film & Editing

This is one of my favourite hobbies, I've been doing it for years! I use a Canon 7D and a GoPro Hero 8 for filming. I edit in Final Cut Pro X and After Effects.

Graphic Design

I like to design logo's, posters, illustrative art and other things like that. I use Illustrator and Pixelmator for this. I'm also learning to use Photoshop.


Mostly I do street photography and portraits, but I also like taking pictures of nature, people & architecture. I like to be extra creative when taking pictures and I also like editing them!

Web & App Design

For one of my projects we had to design an app based on research, while keeping the design principles in mind. I like using Adobe XD for designing as it is very fun and easy!

App Design


This project's goal was to design an app that would motivate people to sit less and be more active. I started researching how active my target audience (adolescents) is with interviews and desk research. With the results I had to think of ways to keep people active with an app. I made empathy maps and drew up some story boards. Then came the design requirements for the app.

Some of the requirements for the app I came up with were: A social aspect, a reward system, goals, info and tips about exercising, reminders and a profile. Then came the fun part: designing the app in Adobe XD! I picked colors, fonts, made illustrations and implemented the design requirements and principles. Scroll through the pitch for my app here!

Arduino & P5js

Comic Cover Creator

The comic cover creator is about inspiring people. With the cover that they've created with my program the user can write a story and draw their superhero. It was also more about the process of experimenting and finding new ways to generate art, for example with sound or movement.

For this project I had to make generative art. Which means art made with an autonomous system. The user would use the arduino controller to randomize the art on the screen.

I decided to make generative comicbook covers because I love superheroes.

The coding for this project was surprisingly fun. I built the arduino setup and then brought it to life with P5js coding. Every component of the cover is randomizable and has its own pressable or turnable button.

View Project Video

Web Article

Ink Magazine

I started with choosing a subject to write an article about and ended up with tattoo design. Tattoos have always fascinated me because of their meanings and the process of getting one.

To write my article I not only interviewed a tattoo artist but also got a tattoo myself. I didn't get it just for this project of course but it did give me some insight and a look behind the scenes.

For the article we also had to take our own pictures and design the website. I photographed my classmate getting a tattoo at another studio, which was fun. I went with mostly black and white because it gives off more of a tattoo vibe. After that came the coding with basic html5 and css. Scroll through the image here->

Java Script

Expedition Java

Our task was to teach a class of kids some basic java script. So me and my group thought of a theme: escaping from a jungle island by building a raft with java script

For this to work we had to write and design booklets for the students and a helpers manual for the teacher. Here's an image of one of the booklet covers and the logo I designed.

Then we designed and built a website where we would hypothetically sell the product (the code, booklets manual etc). We also had to manually make the website responisive.

The 3 of us had an online meeting with the class and taught them how to make shapes and colors with js. It was very chaotic but they did pretty well.

View one of the webdesigns here